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Laser Lipo with Wave Body Sculpting I just finished 8 sessions of laser lipo with Wave Body Sculpting and I'm feeling so confident! What is laser lipo you ask? Well, it's process that uses multiple mediums to break open fat cells and get your body to naturally get rid of the toxins. The process included laser light panels, ultrasound cavitation, … Continue reading Laser Lipo with Wave Body Sculpting

My Five Favorite 30 Minutes or Less Abs Workouts

I love working out. But as a mom with a busy schedule, time is not always on my side. When I just have enough time to get a hardcore burn in, here are my favorite workouts to do under 30 minutes. HIIT with a Pilates Twist I absolutely love this style of training. It … Continue reading My Five Favorite 30 Minutes or Less Abs Workouts

What’s Up Wednesday

So, this post is a day late, but not short on content. My past weekend wasn’t too chaotic. I really felt the Holy Spirit moving and shaping my perspective. Metanoia The Greek term Metanoein (which Metanoia derives from) basically means to change one’s mind. The dictionary explains it this way. met·a·noi·a /ˌmedəˈnoiə/ change in one's … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday