Best Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner and finding the perfect gift can be challenging. Here are some  Top Gift Ideas perfect for Dad.

For the Cook


Does Dad refuse to leave the grille or the kitchen because his cooking his the best? Let’s face it. A man with that much confidence needs a cooking apron that is Dad joke approved.

For the Nerd

For that techy Dad of yours, finding the perfect gift can seem daunting, especially if you are on a budget. Try something inexpensive like the Echo Dot or a smart watch.

For the #1 Fan


Most Dad’s love at least one sport. You can’t go wrong with memorabilia from their favorite team!

For the Big Kid

Is your Dad a child at heart? Find out his favorite childhood toy and wrap it up with a bow! Maybe he loved tag – grab a few Nerf guns and challenge him to a duel.

For the Music Lover

If your Dad is a music junkie, consider grabbing a vinyl of his favorite band. If he doesn’t have a record player, throw that coveted item into the mix.


Don’t Ignore Your Pet’s Dental Hygiene

I never put a second thought to my dogs’ teeth. I always assumed they would be intact for their whole lives. But a few weeks ago I discovered I should have been paying attention to my pets’ teeth a long time ago.


80% of adult dogs suffer from dental issues. What begins as normal tartar build up can actually lead to periodontal disease. For any of you unfamiliar with this, this disease is basically an infection that spreads throughout the mouth and can affect the heart, live and kidneys.

Much like people, animal teeth are necessary and if ignored, will lead to severe issues. Periodontal disease can also affect humans. It begins as gingivitis that can be treated and managed. It then progresses and can lead to early tooth decay and expensive dentist bills.

Luckily, veterinarians are making a big deal about taking care of your pets mouth. Most offices advertise dental cleanings at a discounted price. Still, they are a timely procedure that requires your pet to be under anesthesia.

If you can get a head of the plaque build up by brushing your pets teeth, those visits to the vet will be less expensive and less often.

FionaOne deep cleaning and three tooth extractions later – my littlest dog is on her way to proper hygiene. I have also invested in dog toothpaste and an additive to her water. In total, I spent about $400.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you don’t already have dental care in place, you can ask you vet or local pet store what items will work best for your pet.

Kid Friendly Places to Dine in Vegas

Eating out is expensive, especially when some of your guests may only take two bites. Here’s a list of cheap places to eat in Vegas with the whole family.

In an effort to bring families together, IHOP offers free kids meals with the purchase of an adult entrée daily from 4PM – 8PM. Kids must be 12 and under to order from the “Just for Kids Menu.”


Image may contain: textThe sky is the limit with Denny’s Kids menu. Every Tuesday from 4-10PM, receive a complimentary children’s entrée with purchase of an adult plate.


Every Sunday, kid’s eat free with the purchase of an adult entrée. This offer is available for dine-in only for kids 12 and under.


Receive a complimentary “Nino” cheese quesadilla daily for kids 6 and under when ordering an adult entrée.  Bring the family on taco Tuesday and everyone eats for $1.95.


kids meal bdubs

Children 12 and under enjoy kids menu options for $0.99 from 5 – 8PM every Monday.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting

Photo from Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ

Every Tuesday, kids enjoy a free meal with purchase of an adult entrée. 


Every Wednesday, receive a free kids meal with adult combo. Kids will also take home a fire hat.


Any places you’ve visited that I can add to this list?

2017 Spring Pieces Your Wallet Will Enjoy

The warmer weather is on the rise, well at least here in Las Vegas, and I’m ready to break out the Sun Dresses and Flip Flops. Each year when Spring rolls around, I feel the need to restock my closest. Unfortunately, my wallet is not a big fan of my tradition. So here are a few staples I keep stocked for sunny days that can be reused for multiple outfits through the season.

Colorful Kimono

This is one of the most versatile pieces I have in my closet. I actually have a few that range in length and color. They are perfect for day or night outfits. Most of these are as cheap at 10 buck! Bet your wallet will be okay with that.

Neutral Sandals

Instead of overcrowding your shelf with sandals of every color, grab one or two neutral pairs. You can never go wrong with black, white or tan sandals. They will go with every outfit you have planned and last you the whole season.

Denim Shorts


Whether you’re the cut-off type of girl or not, denim is always in style. High waisted and low-cut come and go throughout the years but jeans always remain. Purchase or repurpose denim to use in this season and many in the future.

The Summer Suitcase Packing Guide

I hate packing. I hate packing for moving. I hate packing for a picnic. But most of all, I hate packing for a vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE traveling. But trying to predetermine every outfit and insure that I actually wear them is a different story.

Whether it’s one day or 10, I dread pulling out my suitcase and shoveling my clothes inside. During my most recent vacation with my husband, we ended up with three bags for both of us – one being just for shoes! So, I’ve come up with a go to guide to avoid over packing and hopefully make summer vacation planning enjoyable.

How Many Shoes Do You Really Need?


I am the queen of changing my shoes with every outfit. When it comes to vacation, I don’t want to have limited choices. But I KNOW I will end up wearing the same two pairs the entire vacation. So plan according to what your adventures will be. From experience, I suggest bringing 3 pairs – Sandals, tennis shoes and heels.

Limit Your Dresses

me 2

Assume that you will have at least one fancy outing during your vacay. Pack your favorite dress or skirt combo just for the occasion. If you love maxi dresses like I do, bring a few light weight options to rotate through. DO NOT empty your entire closet into this bag. Chances are, you’ll end up in a bathing suit for most of the trip.

Only Bring Your Best Swim Suits


Photo by MyNicolita

Vacation is definitely the opportunity to show off that swim suit you’ve been hiding from the highly chlorinated pools. Leave the color stained and unflattering ones back home where they belong. I like to bring two different styles in my brightest colors.

Mix and Match

When in doubt, throw in some basic pieces that you can create multiple outfits out of. We’ve all seen the pins that show 10 – 20 ways to wear the same pieces. Why not give it a try!

Roll, Not Stack

Packing efficiently is all about using the space your have. Instead of stacking clothes flat, try rolling them. It not only saves room but can also eliminate many travel wrinkles.

Minimal Accessories

Despite what your fashionista side may argue, you do not need your entire jewelry box. Fitting the themes of the above tips, only bring your most versatile pieces. You can even store them inside empty pill bottles to insure no lost earrings.

How do you pack efficiently for your trips?

Healthy Easter Snacks to Try

In my previous post, I shared how much it really takes to work off those delicious Easter candies. Here are some alternatives that still fit the holiday theme.

Fruit and Veggie Bunny

Pre-cut your favorite fruits and vegetables and build into the shape of a rabbit. Try grapes or blueberries for eyes, apples for ears and of course, carrots for whiskers.

Fruit and Veggie Egg Hunt


Instead of filling those plastic eggs with jelly beans and candy, sneak in almonds, strawberry, raisins and apples instead.

Peep Fruit Kabobs

If you must have a peep, throw your favorite fruits in the mix.

Deviled Egg Chicks

What recipes and snacks have you Eastered out?

Tips To Keep Your Pet Summer Safe

Summer is around the corner and Las Vegas is already beginning to heat up. The toasty sidewalks and blazing heat are not place for four-legged friends. As the sun shines brighter, here are some tips to keep you pets safe and enjoying the new season.

Hunter at the Pool

Protect Their paws

Once the sun rises over those Vegas mountains, the asphalt and concrete turn into hot lava under your dogs’ feet. Like humans, dogs can experience heat stroke and burns. When taking your dog out, transport inside of a cool car, only allow them to walk on grass areas or even try dog shoes if they can handle it.

Water, Water, Water

My dogs are big water guzzlers normally and the summer time increases their thirst. Make sure that your pet always has access to water. The rising heat can quickly dehydrate your pet and lead to worse problems.

Throw Some Shade

Dogs are susceptible to sun burns and skin cancer too. Your local vet can recommend a pet friendly sun screen for those long summer days. But shaded areas are always the best option for your pet.

Pool Party!

Many dogs love water but not all dogs can swim. Keep an eye on your dog and secure your pool area so they cannot accidentally slip and fall. You’ll not only keep your filters clean but you could save your pets life. Try a doggie kiddy pool instead and let them splash around.

Take Twilight Stroll

Midday is when the Sun is at its hottest. Take your dog on an early morning stroll before the sun rises or near sunset to insure the ground is cool.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

Would you leave an unattended child inside a car in summer? Didn’t think so. You’re fur baby cannot handle the smoldering heat in the car either. When it’s 110 degrees outside, it can be double that inside a car. When in doubt, leave your pet safe at home in a cool area of your house.

Feel free to share your summer tip for helping your pet enjoy a safe and fun summer.

Pinterest in Real Life: Oreo Pops

Try this fun and easy twist on a household favorite. Oreo Pops are a simple dessert surprise that takes less than 30 minutes! Here’s how to make it.


What You Need:

  • Oreos
  • White Melting Chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • Lollipop or Skewer Sticks

How to Do It:

1. Separate each side of the Oreo and lay on a flat surface.


2. Melt dipping chocolate inside of a dippable bowl or container.


3. Dip end of stick into melted chocolate and place on stuffing side of cookies


4. Replace opposite side of cookie over the chocolate covers stick – putting the cookie back together. Repeat for all cookies.


5. Dip cookie pop into white chocolate and then into sprinkles and set to dry. (I recommend a cookie sheet or wax paper). Let sit for 30 minutes and enjoy!



Five Pet Friendly Places in Vegas

Pets are family too. If I could, I’d bring my little Fiona and Smokey with me everywhere. And in Vegas, that’s a pretty easy feat to accomplish. So here are some of the awesome finds in Vegas that are perfectly pet friendly.

Golden Nugget Hotel


Traveling can be difficult when you have dogs. Many pets are self-sufficient, but dogs need a lot of attention. Luckily, fido can travel with you to Vegas and stay at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas! The hotel limits two dogs small – medium or one large-sized dog for guests.


Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar


Photo by Lazy Dog Restaurant

Want to take you fur baby on a lunch you’ll both enjoy? Visit the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar located inside of Downtown Summerlin and Town Square Las Vegas. Your pooch can even enjoy a hand cooked meal and a complimentary bowl of water.

Town Square


Photo By LVRJ

Shop, play and eat at Town Square Las Vegas while exploring the pristine area. Town Square is loaded with rest areas in the center complex, dog friendly stores and waste baskets along every path. Town Square is also known to host pet friendly walks and runs including the upcoming AIDS Walk Las Vegas on April 23

District at Green Valley Ranch


Stroll through the cool air morning or night at the District at Green Valley Ranch with your four-legged friend. Enjoy food, shopping and entertainment with comfort of your loved one tagging along.

Red Rock Canyon


Take hike and explore the most beautiful scene Las Vegas has to offer. Red Rock Canyon is filled with trails for all levels and perfect for every member of the family.

Best Gifts Under $25

The holiday season is upon us. Every year I am included in multiple Secret Santa’s and White Elephant parties. To avoid going broke, I’ve learned to stretch my dollar. Here are some awesome gifts for under $25.

For the Caffeine Addicts


Give that coffee lover on your Christmas list the gift of endless espresso to get them through their week.

For the Artistic Type

Crayons, color pencils and sarcasm. You can’t go wrong with bringing childhood back this Christmas. You can find these at any Target or Wal-Mart and Amazon.

For the Beard Lovers 

Wooden Beard Comb - Dark wood Moustache comb - Beard grooming gift - wooden Boyfriend gift - custom mustache comb - hispter wood beard comb

Everyone has that man in their life who is obsessed with perfecting their beard or mustache. Here’s the perfect gift for that meticulous groomer on your list. Find it at Etsy.

For the Naughty List

Play the ultimate prank for your friends that weren’t so nice this year with a fresh bag of coal. P.S. this lovely soup is actually great for the skin. Find in on Etsy.

For the Sports Fans


Can’t splurge on that collectors edition jersey? Go simple and fill your stockings with beanies, socks and scarves.