Don’t Ignore Your Pet’s Dental Hygiene

I never put a second thought to my dogs’ teeth. I always assumed they would be intact for their whole lives. But a few weeks ago I discovered I should have been paying attention to my pets’ teeth a long time ago.


80% of adult dogs suffer from dental issues. What begins as normal tartar build up can actually lead to periodontal disease. For any of you unfamiliar with this, this disease is basically an infection that spreads throughout the mouth and can affect the heart, live and kidneys.

Much like people, animal teeth are necessary and if ignored, will lead to severe issues. Periodontal disease can also affect humans. It begins as gingivitis that can be treated and managed. It then progresses and can lead to early tooth decay and expensive dentist bills.

Luckily, veterinarians are making a big deal about taking care of your pets mouth. Most offices advertise dental cleanings at a discounted price. Still, they are a timely procedure that requires your pet to be under anesthesia.

If you can get a head of the plaque build up by brushing your pets teeth, those visits to the vet will be less expensive and less often.

FionaOne deep cleaning and three tooth extractions later – my littlest dog is on her way to proper hygiene. I have also invested in dog toothpaste and an additive to her water. In total, I spent about $400.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you don’t already have dental care in place, you can ask you vet or local pet store what items will work best for your pet.

Healthy Easter Snacks to Try

In my previous post, I shared how much it really takes to work off those delicious Easter candies. Here are some alternatives that still fit the holiday theme.

Fruit and Veggie Bunny

Pre-cut your favorite fruits and vegetables and build into the shape of a rabbit. Try grapes or blueberries for eyes, apples for ears and of course, carrots for whiskers.

Fruit and Veggie Egg Hunt


Instead of filling those plastic eggs with jelly beans and candy, sneak in almonds, strawberry, raisins and apples instead.

Peep Fruit Kabobs

If you must have a peep, throw your favorite fruits in the mix.

Deviled Egg Chicks

What recipes and snacks have you Eastered out?

The Cost of Easter Candy

Easter candy has filled all of my surrounding stores and the temptation to indulge is unbearable. Staying on track with my health goals has got me looking for any excuse to say no. Pop Sugar recently ran a detailed  article on how many jumping jacks it take to work off the top-selling Easter candy. Check it out.

easter candy.JPG

So before you dive into a bowl of goodies, is 49 minutes of a vigorous workout worth it for one item?

Find out healthy alternative to these treats here on my post “Healthy Easter Snacks To Try.”

Clothing Feature – Popflex Active

I’m always on the hunt for affordable and comfortable workout clothing. From yoga, to aerials and HIIT, I need material that is going to last. After following Cassey Ho’s Blogilates workouts for a little over two years, I fell in love with her Popflex Active clothing line.


In my collection, I currently have two leggings and a sports bra. And honestly, these are the most comfortable workout pieces I own. I no longer have to worry about adjusting my clothing mid workout. This super soft material stays in place no matter how I choose to feel the burn.

If you sign up for a free account, you can even get a huge VIP discount. You can shop by following the link here, (

The full line of the new edition, Dark Bloom is out now!

Trufusion Summerlin – Tru Hot Pilates

If you are looking for a class to kick your but with no mercy, Tru Hot Pilates is the group fitness class for you. Taking place in 95 degrees with 45% humidity, you’ll be sweating your entire day away. This class also gives you the opportunity to really dig into your muscles by using hand weights, a resistance band and a yoga block.


I decided to break my normal morning workout schedule and give an evening class a try. From wall to wall, the HP floor was covered with a rainbow of mats. There had to be at least 30 people in this class which means the heat will only rise.

Aside from me, there was only one other newbie in the class. Everyone seemed to be well accustomed to the intensity of Tru Hot Pilates. From 6 p.m. – 7 p.m., the entire class went nonstop covering every muscle possible. We took a few resting breaks that were just enough to blow out your hot air and jump right back into the class.

We covered the entire body alternating between different muscle groups. Just when I thought I couldn’t do one more row, the class was transitioning into squats and we were burning another muscle group.

For any interested in challenging yourselves with this amazing class, make sure you arrive early and bring your game face. The results you put in will be the results you get out. Only you are responsible for obtaining your fitness goal.

Downtown 3rd Farmers Market

Downtown Las Vegas is quickly making its mark on the Farmer’s Market Culture with the Downtown 3rd Farmer’s Market. It’s located off of Casino Center and Stuart at an old train station.


Every Friday, this abandoned station bustles with shoppers, crafters and home growers. From fresh fruits and vegetables to artisan breads and organic seasonings, this market is every foodies paradise. You can even find a new piece of jewelry, clothing or decor for your home.


From wall to wall, the entry is filled with bright hues of greens, reds and oranges. Ripe avocados, apples, oranges, ect. fill wooden crates eloquently organized for shoppers.


Heading toward the back, tables are lined with fresh herbs picked from the garden.


There is even a section dedicated to artisan cheeses.


One of my fresh finds was at the Spicy Camel Trading Company. Although specifically known for their buttermilk pancakes, the shop offered a variety of delicacies and spices. I picked up a bag of gluten-free pumpkin granola and one freshly baked cookie.This find cost me a whopping $8. Pretty good for organic snacks.


The Downtown 3rd Farmers Market is open every Friday, varied by weather, from 9AM – 2PM. Many shops also accept Snap/EBT.

Yoga When You’re Sick

Uh oh. The season sickness has discovered me. Despite all the Vitamin C I’ve been downing and  my regular sleep and excise, I’ve been found out.

It started with a headache and has grown into exhaustion. If you’re like me, slowing down isn’t in your vocabulary. A break from my daily workout routine is the hardest part of being sick. But at this moment, even walking up the stairs is a feat of its own.

So here are a few Yoga moves that are okay when you’re sick. Remember, pay attention to what your body needs and don’t exert yourself. These moves are designed to relieve tension and help your body to find the relaxation it needs.

Reclined Twist

Benefits: full body stretch, releases tension, detoxify organs



Supported Back Bend

Benefits: spinal stretch, reverses all day hunching from couch or computer


Bridge Pose

Benefits: breaks up congestion, sends fresh blood to your head


Plow Pose

Benefits: breaks up congestion




Trufusion Summerlin – 60 Min. Vinyasa

My morning began at 6 a.m. with a refreshing and challenging 60 minute Vinyasa at Trufusion Summerlin.


Led by Heidi Otero, this non-heated flow began in child’s pose as we began to ground ourselves into the room and within our breath.

“You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Heidi recited this quote and encouraged us to focus our thoughts – to let go of what happened this morning and just be present. Unlike many yoga classes, this style is completely subject to the preference of the instructor. Our focus for this practice was detoxification.

We were guided through heart pumping flows allowing our heart rates to raise and our bodies to elongate twisting out our holiday fluff. We traveled through several standing and balancing poses include basics such as Warriors 1,2 and reverse, Dancers and Eagle.

Once we moved to the floor, we continued compressions to ring out our bodies. Throughout the entire practice, there were opportunities for adding your own flair. This class is built to fit everyone’s ability and encourages you to add your own variations. After all, it is YOUR practice.

We ended in a traditional savasana and I was ready to take on my day. Whether your an expert or a beginning, this morning session is a good fit for every body.

Trufusion Summerlin – Baptiste Power Flow

“You come into this world with an inhale and leave this world with an exhale. Life happens between an inhale and exhale.”


The above profound statement basically blew my mind. The author of this revelation and instructor of Trufusion Summerlin’s Baptiste Power Flow, was Director of Yoga, Angela Amoia. Her class was more than a FREE yoga session. It was a playful interaction between fellow yogis.

Baptiste Power Flow began in a mirror free room with each individual facing another. We greeted at least three people and broke the ice. At first, it seemed a little odd to practice without the ability to see myself. But halfway through the class, I realized I was more focused on feeling the movement instead of criticizing or comparing myself in the mirror.

“Yoga is freedom.” Angela guided the class through a freeing practice that allowed us to fall in and out of poses without judgement. We even practiced balance poses from our knees! She shared mats with other yogis, encouraged the class to make silly sounds when falling out of poses and broke down all of our superficial obsessions with fitness.

Don’t get me wrong, I broke out a sweat. We focused on synchronizing series for several sets. We learned to perfect frog jumps that resulted to many handstands. Even our knee balances helped us to find our center lines in traditional balances.

This FREE class is offered every Friday at 5:30PM in a non heated room. The class welcomes everyone of all levels and gives everyone the opportunity to fall in love with yoga.

Trufusion Summerlin – Tru Hot Barre

Trufusion Summerlin‘s Tru Barre class is by far one of the most difficult fitness classes I have ever experienced. Imagine working out with a prima ballerina who also lifts weights in the middle of a humid summer. You’ve probably created a pretty realistic interpretation of this course.


My class began promptly at 6 a.m. in 95 degrees and 45% humidity. This room was designed after a ballet studio with bars and mirrors covering every wall. The instructor directed students to find their place near the bar and place their mat down along with a resistance ball, light weights and a resistance band. (Trufusion has this amazing supply closet filled with equipment to use during your class including weights, bands, kettle bells, foam rollers and yoga blocks.)

We began standing with reverse attitude knee lifts. (Basically, turn your leg inwards, point your toes and lift.) We incorporated second position style arms (extended out on both sides) as we warmed up our bodies and maintained our balance. After a short warm up of lifts, mountain climbers and squats, we moved on to the barre series.

Starting in first position (heels together, toes pointed out) we performed several series of plies (dancer style squats) using the bar and our own balance.Each series had so many repetitions, I found myself having to pause several times to regroup. After the standing series, we moved to the floor to utilize weights and resistance equipment.

My favorite series, and the most killer burn of the whole class, was the resistance band sit-ups. Holding our feet hip distance apart with bands around our flexed feet, we rotated side to side while alternating bending and flexing each leg. The burn was real on those sets.

Now, I’ve taken plenty of ballet and jazz classes so I’m comfortable with the movements, but never before have I been this exhausted. The entire class was focused on burning your muscle to the point of shaking, then continuing on. We did many repetitions with and without weights or a resistance band / ball incorporating basic Pilates and yoga moves along the way.

If you’ve ever wondered what Tru Barre was all about, a written description does not do it justice. I highly recommend giving this class a try because not only will is challenge your whole body, you will work muscles you never knew existed.