A Necessary Evil Book Review


Wonderful World of BreeA Necessary Evil  can be categorized as a modern thriller with twists around every corner. The story is told by a handful of characters whose relationships intertwine in very unpredictable ways. Each chapter is written in the perspective of a key character in the story, beginning with Collin, the assumed biggest sociopath and serial killer in the book.

Author, Christina Kaye, throws her readers into the mind of psychopath from page one. Collin begins the book with his final stalking and kidnapping of 19-year-old Mollie. Kaye allows him to describe his devilish 30-year plan to get revenge on the murder of his late, also serial killer and psychopath, father.

Every decisions Collin makes prior to the story beginning draws a parallel to the disturbing life his father lived. Both men stalked pretty young girls, kidnapped, raped and then murdered them. It’s unclear where they bodies were disposed of except for the one victim that ties every character together, Addie.

In 1977, Collin’s father, Julian, kidnapped Addie – twin sister to Detective Kurt Jamison and girlfriend to Franklin Cartwright (Mollie’s gangster grandfather). In response to this gruesome murder, Franklin Cartwright spends over a year tracking down Julian, torturing and murdering him for the death of his girlfriend (whom we find out later was secretly pregnant) and robbing Julian’s newborn son of his father. A pretty heavy story so far for a less than 300 page book, right?

This murder, over 30 years, is the center point for the entire store. 50 percent of the story is told underground where Collin has Mollie held captive and chained to wall. The other 50 is split between Franklin and Kurt trying to beat each other to Mollie. The competition between those to is so fierce because prior to Addie’s murder, they considered themselves blood brothers. After her death however, Franklin chose the crime filled dark side and Kurt joined the Army and then the police force. Their entire relationship is a comparison of good vs. evil.

Eventually, which the reader expects, Franklin finds his granddaughter and holds Collin hostage to await a trail by his criminal peers and innocent Mollie is returned to her distraught mother. Up to this point in the story, Collin is presented as a complete monster – stalking, kidnapping and killing young women for the sake of preparing for his big date with Mollie. At some point, you start to feel sorry for this guy as he openly shares about his tormented childhood and Daddy issues. Mollie, who also grew up without a father, is seen as the bastard child who chose the right path and suffered love and loss at no fault of her own.

Since the capture of Collin and release of Mollie, the suspense has been building. Kurt is desperately trying to track down Franklin before he kills Collin; Collin is attempting to escape, and Franklin is having a field day allowing his cronies to decide whether Collin will be drugged, burned or mutilated to death.

All characters come together in an epic death scene when Kurt figures out that Franklin is holding Collin hostage on an old farm owned by Franklin’s ex-wife. Franklin’s team decides to drug Collin, eliminating the function of his body, and then burn him alive. Unfortunately, the evil genius doctor overdoses Collin causing him to seize and die.

At that moment, Kurt bursts into the room “catching” Franklin in the act (clean knife in hand) and attempted to put him under arrest. Both men are described as well past middle-aged so it’s easy to image two grandpas trying to tackle each other to the ground. Kurt seems to have the upper hand, then BANG! He’s shot and killed by the biggest master character of all, Mollie.

At this point, I was completely confused. Mollie’s character had been presented as childlike and innocent – not a murder.  The final chapter gives some clarity on this shocking turn of events. Kurt’s partner, Lonnie, finishes up the book with Kurt’s funeral and the discovery of Mollie’s confiscated diary. After looking through just a few pages, Lonnie discovers that Mollie is no angel at all, but fits right into her crime family.

Lonnie reads a page from the anniversary of her late boyfriend, Dalton’s, death, whom we are told in the beginning of the story committed suicide. Mollie admits on these private pages that she shot Dalton in the head for cheating on her and somehow managed to convince everyone it was suicide. Lonnie even continues to find out she was not naive to her grandfathers line of work as we all assumed. Mollie paints the real picture of her hidden dark side, even down to killing innocent animals her mother keeps buying her.

Reading these words was the biggest twist of them all. I was completely caught of guard and left speechless. Those entire 200+ pages I thought I had this story and characters figured out, but really had clue how it all would end.

After reflecting back on this full story, I believe I can see the major theme. Everyone has skeletons in their closest and will do just about anything to protect them.

Wonderful World of Bree

Christina Kaye released her latest book, A Necessary Evil, December 2017 and I was privileged enough to read her latest work. Her previous work, Like Father, Like Daughter, was named Suspense Finalist for the Indie Excellence Awards.

Follower Christina on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bookbub and Goodreads.

Wonderful World of Bree

Food Feature – Goong Korean BBQ

At this point, it might be obviously that I have a thing for Korean BBQ. Well, I’ve found another awesome place right here in Vegas to curb my cravings.

Goong BBQ is located on the Southwest side of town right off of Rainbow. Goong offers Korean BBQ in the most authentic atmosphere.


Patrons can choose to dine at traditional tables that allow for visitors to sit on pillows around the grill. Don’t worry, there’s a little cove for those taller folks like me that need extra leg room.


Like other Korean BBQ restaurants I’ve visited, food is cooked right on the grill in front of you. Unlike other options and to my husbands relief, Goong has staff that cooks for you. Goong also offers an endless variety of appetizers including salad, veggies and seafood.

Goong 2

At the end of dinner, the staff brings out a homemade cinnamon tea as a dessert. It is reminiscent of the Hispanic tea, Canela.

Goong 4

Overall, my experience was great. The steak was probably the most delicious item on the menu and dinner cost $30 for two of us. Not bad for everything we received. If you’re looking for an extra dessert, Goong partners with shops in their parking lot to offer a 10% discount.

Find out more of their menu options on Eater.

Downtown Welcomes Project BBQ Food Truck to Fremont Street

Derek Steven’s, over of the D Las Vegas, has brought a potential food icon to downtown. Placed in what used to be a gift shop right next to Mermaids, Project BBQ has set up shop and the crowd is flocking to give them a try.


Opening March 2017, Project BBQ has been opened for less than a month and the word is quickly spreading. This permanent food truck offers unique BBQ choices, quick and efficient customer service, and an industrial styled place to eat.


They offer a selective menu of handcrafted sandwiches and meat bowls. Their prices range from $7 – $15. On special occasions, such as today – St. Patrick’s Day, they may jazz up their menu. Project BBQ offered Corned Beef Sandwiches and add-ons all day long today.


My coworkers and I took a short trip to their booth and tried everything on the menu. Several of us ordered the meat bowls and dove into its gooey goodness.


Others gave their sandwiches a try and were pleasantly surprised at the portion and taste.


One coworker was feeling in the spirit and enjoyed a corned beef addition. He wasn’t disappointed. Was it the luck of the Irish or is Project BBQ just that good?


Project BBQ is open daily at 11 AM and sits right on the Fremont Street Experience. If you are in the area, support the local food scene with an order or two.


The Queen Mary Offers The Most Unique Tours in Long Beach

Of the many trips I’d taken to Long Beach, CA, I’ve never been able to take a tour of the majestic Queen Mary. Docked at the same port as Carnival Cruise ships, the Queen Mary is a floating hotel open to special events, dining and tours.

9551_10202804365588114_7908372943255125043_n (1)

Our visit began with a haunted tour that took guests on an exploration of the entire ship. Every ghostly experience is documented on a sign plastered to the walls throughout the ship.


We visited the library where housekeepers claimed to have met a classy woman.


We stepped into an active room that received so many complaints its been shut down.


We walked up a staircase that was said to be home to some dressy gentlemen.


We then moved to a more historic tour of the ship that talked about its history on the water. The Queen Mary served as a cruise ship as well as a soldier transport.


The ship even features an enormous replica make entirely out of Legos! We also discovered that the Queen Mary is twice the size of the Titanic! So, we walked a lot.


We were able to walk around the engine room and discover the inner workings of the ship and see examples of what the guest rooms used to look like during its cruise and transport days.


Overall, the tour was very interesting. The ship also offers a Princess Diana tea time exploration that was currently down for renovations. So, if you’re ever in the Long Beach area and are brave enough to stay on the ship or just take a look around, you can book your experience here!


Food Feature – Kogi BBQ Truck

Normally I am no foodie hunting for my next perfect meal, but one trip to the Kogi BBQ truck at a stop in Long Beach, CA could change everything.


Kogi BBQ is a traveling Korean Taco Truck that drives through the streets of L.A. delivering delicious delicacies. Starting Thanksgiving 2008, Kogi has blown up so quickly they’ve even been able to open counters in Culver city.


My experience was nothing by extraordinary. There is always a line outside of the truck as customers choose from their extensive and inexpensive menu.


I had a whole plan to document every item my group purchased, but from the first bite, we couldn’t put down our plates. We sampled the sliders, burritos, burger and tacos.


The truck is always moving around and you find their next location here or follow their social accounts! If you don’t want to wait, schedule a stop or cater their food!

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California Adventures Secret Menu – Cover Bar

On my recent trip to Anaheim, I was lucky enough to book a reservation at one of the most popular bars in all of California Adventures. The Cover Bar is located on Paradise Pier right next to Ariel’s Grotto. You can book ahead but most people wait in line. Our wait was about 20 minutes and we were able to sit at the bar overlooking the midway and Mickey Ferris Wheel.

cove bar menu

The Cove Bar is know for their delicious bites such as lobster nachos, tri-tip nachos and personal pizza. The lobster nachos were big enough for two people and only cost $16.

cove nachos

The secret menu at the Cove Bar offers a step up from their already creative drinks. You can choose:

Disney Food Blog cove menu drinks

Photo by Disney Food Blog

  • Black Pearl – Vodka, gin, rum, sweet and sour, Chambord and Sprite mixed.
  • Earthquake – Vodka, gin, rum, sweet and sour, blue Curacao and Sprite all mixed topped with a 151 Rum Floater.
  • The Fun Wheel – layers of pineapple juice and X-rated Passion Fruit Vodka topped with blue Curacao mixed with vodka, rum and gin.
  • Neverland Tea – vodka, gin, rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, Sprite and Midori mixed to Peter Pan green.
  • The Zombie – light rum, dark rum, coconut rum, spiced rum, 151 rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, blue Curacao, Midori and Grenadine.

These drinks are extremely strong, so I wouldn’t recommend gulping down the set and then taking on a roller coaster.

What are you unique food and drink finds at California Adventures and Disneyland Resort?

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Brand Feature: Hashtag #Sunglasses

If you haven’t heard of Hashtag Sunglasses, you’re missing out on the newest eye wear brand on the market. Focusing on a variety of styles for Him and Her, there are a pair of glasses for every style.


I recently received my unique pair from their #absolutely collection. They are an aviator style with a reflective glow on the outside to block out the sun.


sunglasses I chose the Gold & Pink option of the seven different colors. To the left is an example of the variety of colors offered for this collection. Styles range from clear to reflective.

Eye ware starts at about $39. However, if you are looking for a unique new pair of glasses, you can use my offer code, NewShades4You, for free shipping and 10% off your order.

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Three Square Food Bank

I had the pleasure of volunteering at Three Square Food Bank this week. I assisted with packing almost 11k boxed lunches for the Kid Cafe Program here in Southern Nevada.

Golden 2.27.17.jpg

Three Square works to end hunger in Southern Nevada by providing meals to hungry people throughout the community. This organizations reaches, Lincoln, Nye, Esmeralda and Clark Counties.


Three Square does more than collect food. Their programs support a food banking warehouse, food rescue initiative and ready-to-eat meals. They work with approximately 1,300 community partners including charities and non-profits, schools and feeding sites.


During my visit, all of the volunteers helped box lunches for the after school meal program. Over 60% of people in Southern Nevada go hungry everyday. This after school meal box makes sure that students have a full stomach before bed.


We worked from 9AM – 12PM boxing as many lunches as we could. Eat box received a salad, fruit and a sandwich.


Three Square offers so many opportunities for individuals to give back. Their Volunteer Activities include:

  • sorting and repacking food
  • filling backpacks with food for the weekend
  • boxing meals for schools and senior programs

If you are interested in volunteering, contact volunteers@threesquare.org or call 702-644-3663.

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Lucky Dragon Las Vegas Brings Authentic Asian Culture to the Strip

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas opened it’s door December 3, 2016 exposing Las Vegas to an authentic experience into Asian culture. Located just off of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard, Lucky Dragon is a one-of-a-kind resort offering a home away from home for its visitors.


Lucky Dragon’s unique design separates the hotel from gaming in two parallel buildings connected by a sky bridge.


Upon entering the hotel, guests are greeted by multilingual staff in an intimate lobby featuring the Cha Garden, pool, reception desk and business center.


The modern black and white design is accented by customary tea pots, reds and golds and marble counters.


Their lobby area overlooks the open pool area and features sliding patio doors that open for special events and good weather.


The pool, during open season, can be reserve red for private events including their upcoming Southwest Tea Festival February 24 – 25.


The hotel is very small featuring only 203 rooms including standard double and king rooms, deluxe rooms, standard suites and junior suites. The red tint from the outside of the building also adds a crimson ambiance to all of the rooms.


Both suites feature a separate living room with couch and sitting chair and offer the best view of the strip and city. Each room displays lucky artwork within the bedroom varying from cherry blossoms to lychee as pictured above.


Every room comes with kimono styled robes and complimentary slippers to take home. The bathrooms are also spacious featuring hand painted designs, open concept shower and modern flooring and decor.


In Chinese culture, the number four is unlucky so you’ll notice the property omits that floor completely. But the number eight is luckiest of all and room 888 is the most pop VVIP suite. These suites even have their own private hallways.


Upon entering the casino, you are immediately mesmerized by the dragon chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling. The two-story complex offers western and asian games, multiple dining options and several private bars.


The property hosts a custom spa, leased out by Sothys Paris, and features only their products. Guests even receive complimentary samples for their in room amenities.


The Spa offers treatments in their aroma therapy rooms and features a custom designed pedicure station. Each station faces a floor to ceiling view of the Las Vegas Strip.


Although the Spa does feature a men and women’s locker room, all guests are escorted to a co-ed lounge waiting area.


The property features three restaurants Bao Now, Oceans and Phoenix ranging from fast food to fine dining. They are currently working an additional option in their previous outlet “Dragons Alley.”


Bao Now is the cafe style option that offers Chinese cuisine fast with playground seating.


Oceans offers high-end seafood and Chinese cuisine dum sum style.


Phoenix is the high-end option offering open and private room dining.


Although the property is extremely small, rooms have been sold out every weekend since opening. Created with the Chinese customer in mind, everything within the property is written in Chinese and then English. Right off the strip, it’s an interesting resort to add to the plentiful options Vegas has to offer.


Wonderful World of Bree

Boozy Sweets at Sin City Cupcakes

Sin City Cupcakes are not your little sister’s sweet dozen. These alcohol-infused treats are created with the 21+ crowd in mind.


Of the many options in my complimentary box, I chose the Reese’s Rum Drop. This specialty is reminiscent of traditional Rum Cake with a peanut butter and chocolate twist.


Each cupcake is inspired by popular cocktails and available in mini, standard and giant sizes. Some of their most popular flavors include:

  • Chocolate Wasted
  • Strawberry Scandal
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Red Velvet Backseats
  • Blonde Moment
  • Reese’s Rum Drop


Prices start at $36 for a dozen and come with FREE delivery anywhere in Las Vegas including the Strip, Henderson and Summerlin. To order your dozen, click here.